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Manufacturing Plant

Our modern facility in Kannampalayam, India, includes manufacturing and warehouse space that enables us to handle a variety of jobs easily and concurrently. We employ mechanical and electrical engineers in-house for the purpose of manufacturing and assembling machines. 


RVR offers its own way of success, which is divided into three steps: concept, design, and development. We combine creativity and emerging technology. We have a range of machinery to suit your business needs, whether you are starting from scratch or expanding.

We take the time to develop and grow as individuals and as a team in order to keep up with the latest developments and trends in our industry. It is critical to us that the product we produce is innovative.

As part of our commitment to building a machine that meets your unique requirements, RVR will customise our machines to meet your specific needs. RVR MACHINERY's more than 25 years in the machinery manufacturing business have established it as a leading textile machinery manufacturer for both large brands and independent businesses. 

ISO TUV 9001 Standard

ISO TUV 9001 Standard Logo

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards enable manufacturers to measure, evaluate, and improve the systems that ensure product quality and reliability on a continuous basis. The international standards act as benchmarks for quality and efficiency in industries.


The ISO 9001 certification demonstrates the organization's adherence to quality management practices and reduces potential customer risk. Quality management systems improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of manufacturing and service processes.

Government Campaign

Made In India Logo

We take the "Make in India" Campaign seriously to support our country and the manufacturing sector. We support the Indian textile industry by manufacturing specialised textile machinery to high standards, thereby avoiding the need to import costly machines.

Our machinery products are entirely designed and manufactured in India. We contribute to India's economic growth by utilising the country's existing talent pool, creating new job opportunities, and empowering the secondary and tertiary sectors.

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