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Automatic Edge Stitching Preparation (Plaiting) Machine for Open Width Roll Fabric

Fully Electronic with Touch panel


SUITABLE FOR: Open width Grey, Dyed, Knitted, Woven Fabric


The RVR "HFSR-45H" fabric preparation machine is designed to sew the edges of two fabrics together to prepare them for dyeing. It is a fully electronic machine with inverter control. The machine is administered by a PLC and controlled by an HMI (touchscreen).

The machine automatically performs all operations until the plaiting process and requires no operational adjustment by the user. The sewing process eliminates the problems caused by the folding lines and creases during the dyeing process.

Special Features

  •  The machine incorporates a Japanese-based Kansai stitching machine for sewing.

  •  The machine is ergonomically designed and built

  •   The fabric input speed can be adjusted.

  •   A 10" inch HMI Panel is included as the interactive control system.

  •   PLC control systems are used for synchronised purposes.

  •   For effective operation, forward and reverse motion is provided.

  •   All rollers are synchronised with the invertor

  •   The relaxing plaiting function is used to relieve fabric tension.

  •   Emergency Stop facility is provided as per Safety Norms.


Edge Stitching

Edge Stitching


Touch Panel

Feeder Drawing

9H Feeder Drawing_edited.jpg

Technical Specifications

96 Inch                              110 Inch


850 x 2500 x 2500              850 x 2800 x 2500

Power Supply

220 V / 50-60 Hz , Single Phase AC Supply


 0-80 yard / min


AC Drive: 1 Hp - 3 No; 0.5 Hp - 3 No

Motor Specs

1 Hp (0.75 Kw - 4 Pole) - 3 No

0.5 Hp (0.37 Kw - 4 Pole) - 3 No

Net Weight

700 Kg

Machine Specification


Emergency Stop Facility

Emergency Stop Facility

PLC Drive Controlled

PLC Drive Controlled



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