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Fabric Stretch Wrapping Machine

Fully Electronic with Touch panel


SUITABLE FOR: Any Type Fabric


RVR's "HSWR-W-23H" Fabric Wrapping Machine stretch wraps the fabric roll using stretch film to reduce packing costs. It is used to protect fabric rolls from dust and moisture while they are being stored and transported. It significantly decreases labour expenses and packing time. It is a fully electronic machine with inverter control. The machine is administered by a PLC and controlled by an HMI (Touching Screen). The fabric roll's film tension, number of cycles, and head speed are all programmable.

Special Features

  •   The machine is ergonomically designed and built

  •   A 10" inch HMI Panel is included as the interactive control system

  •   PLC control systems are used for synchronised purposes.

  •   All rollers are synchronised with the invertor

  •   Film tension is regulated.

  •   Emergency Stop facility is provided as per Safety Norms.

  •   A weighing system and barcode labelling can be added to the machine as an option.


Wrapping - RVR



HMI Touch Panel

Feeder Drawing

Fabric Stretch Wrapping Machine

Input Fabric Form

noun_fabric roll_3983559.png

Technical Specifications


4750 x 3250 x 3000

Doubling Speed

 0-80 m / min

Sewing Speed

0-30 m/min

Fabric Width

1.2 m - 2.4 m

Needle Distance

1mm - 5 mm

Sewing Size

5mm -25 mm


AC Drive: 1.5 Kw - 1 No; 0.75 Kw - 2 No; 0.4 Kw - 9 No

Motor Specs

1 Hp (0.75 Kw - 4 Pole) - 2 No

0.5 Hp (0.37 Kw - 4 Pole) - 8 No

0.25 Hp (0.19 Kw - 4 Pole) - 3 No

Net Weight

1500 Kg

Machine Specification



Emergency Stop Facility


PLC Drive Controlled

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