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Woven Fabric Inspection Cum  Winding Machine with Auto Edge Alignment 

Fully Electronic and Invertor Controlled


SUITABLE FOR: Woven, Jeans, Silk Fabric


The RVR "HFI-W-25H" Woven Fabric inspection machine can inspect Heavy Duty Woven Fabrics in Roll to Roll and Flad Folded to Roll modes. It is a fully electronic machine that is controlled by an inverter. It has a large viewing area for thoroughly inspecting fabric. The automatic fabric feeder and dancing bar are controlled by sensors via a PLC drive for tension-free fabric feeding. It includes an Auto-Edge alignment feature to ensure proper edge winding. It can rewind, inspect, and measure the length of all types of fabric materials, including those with elastic fibres like Lycra and knitwear.

Special Features

  •   Motorised Scroll Roller is used to remove curled edges from the fabric ends.

  •   For effective inspection, forward and reverse motion is provided.

  •   All rollers are synchronised with the invertor

  •   A measuring Device (MD) is used to displays the length of the fabric inspector.

  •   Defect Counter (DC) is used to determine the number of defects in the fabric.

  • The operator can change the tension fabric and hardness roll in real-time.

  •   Emergency Stop facility is provided as per Safety Norms.

  • The machine can optionally be equipped with a barcode labelling system for easy labelling of material defects, as well as the generation and printing of reports and statistical printouts.


Auto Edge Alignment

Auto Edge Alignment - RVR

Feeder Drawing


Inspection  Light  Setup

Top Illumination

Detects Dyeing and Printing Defect

Bottom Illumination

Detects Weaving Defects

UV Light

Detects Colour Shade Defects

Inspection  Methods

noun_fabric roll_3983559.png
noun_fabric roll_3983559.png
noun_fabric roll_3983559.png

Technical Specifications

72 Inch                              96 Inch                              110 Inch


1800 x 2400 x 1900               1800 x 2900 x 1900              1800 x 3200 x 1900

Power Supply

220 V / 50-60 Hz , Single Phase AC Supply


 0-80 yard / min


AC Drive: 1 Hp - 3 Nos; PLC - 1 No

Motor Specs

1 Hp (0.75 Kw - 4 Pole) - 3 Nos

Net Weight

1300 Kg

Machine Specification


Emergency Stop Facility

Emergency Stop Facility

 PLC Drive Controlled

PLC Drive Controlled

 Center operating for better Inspection

Center operating for better Inspection

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